Image of Giraffe Running 2xCD

Giraffe Running 2xCD

by Giraffe Running


LTL-001: Giraffe Running - "Giraffe Running"
Format: 2 x CD
Label: Learn To Love / Red-F
Released: June 2007

Cover design by Matthew Bolger (M&E Design, The Redneck Manifesto)
Cover hand-printed by Jeff Mueller (Dexterity Press, The Shipping News, June Of '44).


" album rich in idiosyncratic imagination, oddly charming dischordance and strangely realised beauty."
*** Jim Carroll, The Irish Times.

"Veering from angular diddly-aye to disjointed stoner skronk, wildly varying collaborators are rooted by the shared rhythm section, lending an unexpected coherence to the proceedings."
83% Mongrel, July 2007.

"Bouncing from experimental pop to punkish noise-pop, Giraffe Running show that musicians can be as avant-garde as they like so long as they remember to bring some tunes to the party."
**** Eamon De Paor, Metro.

CD1 - Giraffe Running:

1: Shoot the mute newt
2: Giraffic bark
3: You've got some neck
4: Infidel Gastro
5: Chewing on eggshells

CD2 - Collaborations:

1: "Sharp light" by Mike Stevens
2: "Fuckin' funny fire / Dudeen" by Ian Williams & Hag
3: "The second wave" by Matthew Bolger
4: "Piss off back to Nottingham" by Bryn Cloke
5: "Shafted by the light" by United Bible Studies
6: "Drimnagh Castle / Gimme Shelta" by Eoin Dillon & Hag
7: "Feline in full effect" by Agata
8: "Comic strip" by Rebecca Collins
9: "I reach for pictures" by Hugh Holmes
10: "A Vaguely Distant 'Oh Yeah' / Fratrified / Fight and repeat" by Ben Jacobs (Max Tundra) / Paul Roe / Sadie Outlaw
11: "The fever hospital" by Miriam Ingram
12: "Babington" by Rockcoach (Andrew Clarke)
13: "Liars tears" by Somadrone
14: "When Michael Jackson started Celtic Frost" by Luca T. Mai
15: "Lionisation of the squishy hoops" by King Camera (Diarmuid MacDiarmada)


Giraffe Running is a 2-piece instrumental band featuring Greg Barrett (bass guitar) and Hag (drums). Greg & Hag started playing together as a 2-piece in spring 2001. Someone once said they sounded like broke-beat dance music.

In December 2003, 5 instrumental compositions were recorded featuring only the drums and bass guitar. These tracks were sent to a group of friends and admired musicians around the world (Ian Williams/Battles, Max Tundra, Agata/Melt Banana, Matthew Bolger/The Redneck Manifesto, Eoin Dillon/Kíla, Rebecca Collins and many more) with the hope that each person would add their own idea(s) to the original tracks.

The resulting double CD (5 original tracks and 15 collaborations) was released on the 21st of May 2007 on Red-f Records & Learn To Love Records. Some live Giraffe Running footage and a video for Mike Stevens' collaboration can be found on the DVD accompanying Daemien Frost's "Spirito Di Daemo" CD+DVD which was released on the 4th of June, 2007 on Red-f Records & Learn To Love Records.